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We apply our broad skillsets to provide transparent, user friendly packages for our Clients to kick-start or revamp their project.

vagary noun: an erratic, unpredictable, or extravagant manifestation, action, or notion


In our years working across government, academia, not-for-profit and startups, we consistently came across the same pain-points for new and high-growth companies -- creating a brand and website that was not only affordable, but easy to use and update day-to-day. We figured...

two minds are better than one

...and decided to combine our collective expertise to create no-frills package services for new and emerging businesses, podcasts and projects.

Unlike many companies who make things too complicated to take the reins of your website, we set you up so you can update and manage your own site.

Bec is a technology generalist with experience across web and mobile application development and administration, and strategy and consulting. As a technology leader with a keen understanding of product strategy, she has worked on projects ranging from simple application contracting to large scale government consulting projects. 

Beyond technology, Bec is a keen student of ecosystems, and a participant in and curator of technology communities, globally and within Australia. She is embedded in the startup and innovation sector of Australia, and as a scout for AirTree ventures Explorer program, seeks out companies with scalable models, where no and low-code platforms can assist.

Bec’s superpower is her ability to view problems at a macro level, and draw from her uniquely broad knowledge of technology tools to create solutions that are simple, maintainable, and cost effective. 

Bec has a Master of Applied Information Technology from Monash University, and Bachelor of Commerce from Melbourne University, and is a current candidate for the Master of Business Administration from Melbourne Business School. 

Bec Martin

Technology & Digital Specialist

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Leesa Charlotte

Content Specialist

Copywriting, editing, podcasting, strategy, branding & online events.

Leesa brings her skills as a writer, podcaster and community organizer to the Vagary team. While her skill-set is broad, Leesa specializes in launching and growing nascent or early-stage projects.

This was recently demonstrated with the launch of her first fully produced podcast – a semi-scripted history podcast, Sweetbitter, along with podcast veteran, Ellie Brigida, and Professor Alyse Knorr. The podcast launched strongly, making it into Apple’s top History podcasts in its first week. Sweetbitter has been featured on many prominent podcasts, and it’s Patreon community has been rapidly growing in its first few months.

Her entry into the world of podcasting began with rewatch podcast, Beers, Beats & Battlestar Galactica. After moving to New York, she joined the team at Narratively to assist in the production and successful launch of their first podcast, Believable. This launched in the top 5% of podcast listenership, and solidified her path forward into podcast production.

In 2021, Leesa is launching two new rewatch podcasts – The Book of Kevin (as co-host and audio editor) about HBO’s the Leftovers and The Horrible Podcast (as co-host) about the 2008 webseries, Dr. Horrible’s Sing a Long Blog.

Leesa has a degree in International Relations and Psychology from Monash University, specializing in extremism and identity studies and maintains an interest in both. In her spare time you can find her performing as a singer, geeking out on pop culture or overusing hyphens. 

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